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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of the kiln, through the saw and voila..... murrini!

I am so pleased to say that my final murrini pull on a couple of my recent sojourn's into the complex murrini world came out of the kiln this arvo....... thank the murrini gods (most likely Loren Stump) THEY WORKED!!!!! (insert lots of jumping about in relief here).

The butterfly cane is a graduated pink one (although the pic is a bit crappy) and one thing I was a bit annoyed about is the scummy clear. I know that if I want a perfect butterfly in crystal clear then I have to peel the rods but I just couldn't face all that peeling!!!!! I sawed up some slices and have them in the tumbler as we speak - I was going to have the tumbler going over the last few days, but if you don't fill it enough the contents just swoosh around one side..... now it is "fully loaded" and off and running. I hope it doesn't take as long as rocks do to smooth off though!!!

After my rather boxy attempt at a complex leaf cane I am very pleased with the second attempt sawn this arvo. I decided that I would serrate the leaves on this one and I think they look a bit more realistic that way (but a wee bit of a poop to heat prior to pulling to keep the serrations actually there) I am particularly happy with this cane, because even though Loren gave us the basics, I have done the veins in this way which was my own idea - I am hoping he would be proud of me! I was very happy with the graduated transparent green moving to the darker side in the middle of the leaf and using the Grass green opaque was a nicer colour effect too I reckon. I have sliced some leaves up and have got them in the tumbler as well, but thought I might slice some really thin ones and some of the dodgy ends of the pull, preheat in the kiln and try applying to the outside of a soft glass marble..... there's not much point in making all these murrini if I am not going to use the buggers!!!


  1. OMG - gorgeous butterfly murrini Ms Nat. You are a very clever girl!

  2. I love the leaves Nat!!!! They are just gorgeous!!!!!

  3. You are doing Lozza proud girlfriend!!!!! What green did you use????

  4. Oh wow Nat these are amazing. I especially love the butterflies but those leaves are just too cute too. Wow you are going great guns with these now!


  5. How can you say "not accomplished enough to really say that I am a true glass artist" ... your standards are obviously very high, and your work is enviable.

  6. Thanks for the compliments everyone

    Tracy -I used just some plain ole transparent drk grass green, but mixed it with a little trans teal and then graduated the colour down to nearly clear after making quite a few graduated canes. Fun times!

    Thanks heaps Lreign, but the thing is that I don't show the REALLY bodgy bits on here and there is still quite a few of them through my torch unfortunately ;-)