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Friday, February 11, 2011

I am BACK!!!! From the half dead!

Yep I am finally back on board and have lit my torch for the first time in nearly 6 months.

The house move was a complete horror, but the high blood pressure that I didn't realise I had was causing complete havoc... and many, many VERY bad headaches.

Finally today I made some beads for the first time in ages and I decided to try out some ideas for a valentines day lampwork swap I put my name down for on beadingforum. I know what you are all thinking.... why put that pressure on myself, but I needed a massive shove in the backside to get moving and in fact are still are sitting surrounded by unpacked unsorted boxes in my lampwork area.... I am hopeful that the annoyance will force me to have a look through and sort them out... but the focus is rather firmly on the flame at present! I was inspired by Dora Schuberts lovely stringer work and made up a pattern of my own using corsets and lace as the them on a loveheart shape. They are fairly busy looking, but I hope my next batch improves a bit!

Here's SOME of my soft glass unpacked, I am embarassed to admit that I found a few boxes of rods from previous orders still in the original box and not unpacked at all...... blush!!!!

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