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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocks Market panic stations

Ok, so I am now home and just as I walked in my door last Sunday night I had a bit of an epiphany........... my first Market (ever) at the Rocks here in Sydney was only 6 Days away. Needless to say the thought elicited a great deal of panic, particularly as I have been torchless for a while with the move and health issues and had virtually NO STOCK!!!!

I have launched into a frenzy of pendant making in response to my panic. Why Pendants you may ask, they are easy to sell, require no stringing into something saleable and hopefully will fill my half of the table if I spread them out a bit. I have had some fabulous advice from the ladies who go to markets regularly, but are still having that scary butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach.......

I have been told that it is a place where many tourist visit and that I should gear my stock towards that........... Sea Turtles was all I could really come up with at short notice (have made quite a few before) and so I have been imploding boro turtle shells left right and centre.

Cross your fingers for me that the touristy types like sea creatures. Maybe the next market might have some koalas or something a bit more Aussie, but ..... out to the torch I go (big poop, I just remembered that I will need cash change too............. sssshhhhiiiiittttttttt)


  1. I think going with the pendants is a great idea Nat! Maybe you could do some star fish as well??

  2. Great idea Bree..... off to light torch and make some starfish ;-)