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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy@rse idea number 127 - Kaleidoscope murrini

I am beginning to wonder if I am just slightly ADD or is it ADHD or perhaps is it just an inability to stick to the jobs that are a higher priority on my list (orders etc.)

Hmmmmm, in any case I decided to make a few smallish bright triangle canes to see how they would come out. They worked out fine, but when I picked the cooled cane up "WHOOOOMPHA" an idea has struck with a vengeance! After seeing some of the utterly gorgeous polymer clay Kaleidoscope canes recently I thought that it might be loads of fun to try making one out of glass. When I sat the triangles together in a pattern, I could just see the seed of an idea ready to plant. I figure that if I make larger diameter component cane and then sawed and stacked them up nicely..... maybe row upon row upon row it could be REALLY beautiful!! In my usual crazy enthusiastic need to act instantly on an inspiration, tomorrow will be component cane making day..... I will update the blog with how I go..... YAY!!!!!

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