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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coffee anyone - first try at coffee bean murrini

In my murrini fest once again and went out to make my triangular component canes for a kaleidoscope murrini but got distracted by coffee..... coffee beans that is!

These coffee murrini were borne from a need to make some beads to place onto one of those beadable stainless steel coffee scoops for a gift for a coffee fanatical friend. I am a little bit dissapointed with them in that in retrospect I should have graduated the brown colouring from dark at the centre to light on the edges instead of the other way around. As a result I am calling these my raw coffee bean murrini and shall make a "roasted" variety with more of the darker brown next time.

Anal April has begun, time to sort some "stuff" out on list of things to do!

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