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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lampwork Royalty and a nice lady to boot!

Well, I have been off-blog-air for a few days because I was invited over to Gail's Goglass Studio at Sydney's Northern Beaches and had the distinct pleasure to meet one of lampwork's most famous beadmakers and author Corina Tettinger ( What a really lovely laid back lady, it was so fabulous having some time with her to sit and socialise (I wasn't on a course unfortunately, my kids cramp my style sometimes ;-).

I got to fossick through and drool over her gorgeous beads which are really just her practice and teaching beads, but still absolutely lovely. I of course showed some of my murrini to Corina who was very complimentary, but asked if I had a turtle murrini..... of course now my mission is to make a decent turtle murrini. I am thinking graduated colour on sections of the shell and of course sitting multiple component canes together then adding the flippers and head... Here's a pic of whats currently in my head! We will have to see how it all comes together, I really want to be able to give Corina some turtles before she heads back to the the US, so finger OUT!

Oh, not wanting to blow my own trumpet...... but, I managed to pull off a 2nd place at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year..... SOOOOO PLEASED! Here is a pic of my entry so you can see what I submitted. My wonderful hubby Leo made the little stand for me very quickly, but it looked great!

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