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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bad timing = bad murrini pull

Well here I am back again and this time with a tale of woe (not really VERY much woe, but just a little).

I have been busily making extra cane pulls of my 3D ladybugs and whilst in the middle of pulling out to large diameter cane.... right at the critical point..... out comes Rose one of my twin 9yr olds who sort of sneaks up (well walked up boldly behind me in actuality) and says very loudly just behind my ear.... "MUM".  Needless to say it scared the beejesus out of me, I jumped, I screamed (just a little) but worse of all..... I very quickly pulled my hands jerkily apart after very carefully heating my murrini just perfectly.  It probably goes without saying that the heating up part and the picking just the right time to pull out is really, really REALLY critical on a 3D pull, even more so than on a regular round encased murrini.  I had in fact left this pull just a bit too hot and was balancing the heat and the fluidity (don't you love that word.... flu-id-it-tee) to use gravity to help me even out the balance with this disaster occurred.

I am quite ashamed to say that I yelled "Rose, look what you've done" which was an instant response that I had to go inside afterwards and cuddle her and say sorry.  After consideration, how much of this was her fault..... none would be the logical answer!   I thought to myself that really, I am a mother first of all and when my kids want to come and ask me for an icecream or break up an argument, my first loyalty lies with them, not the glass........ but that glass.... it is insidious I tell you.  When I am working I am very nearly oblivious to the outside world, it is part of its charm to be honest.  Who cares about an unpaid phone bill when you are holding liquid glass? or whether the kids have an icecream for dessert?   Well, I think I might need some further consideration of this dilemma.  Not torching when the kids are out of bed is one answer, but when the glass calls to me with its siren call..... well, I cannot find it in myself to ignore the call!!!

I reckon I have made well over 100 murrini by now and recently had been sitting high on a secure knowledge that I "know" how to pull murrini exactly how I want to to pull it turned out I was wrong, the world encroaches and we have to allow for that (especially with kids).  But in any case, here is the offending pull, complete with a bit of regular cane pull for comparison......  Geeze and I thought I was all grown up with murrini pulls.........

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