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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taking the next big step.... Gallery work!

Ok, I have sort of been teetering on the cusp of being ready for some gallery level artistic work - both in a technical know-how sort of way and also emotionally if you know what I mean!  Essentially I think I am ready to enter the scary and possibly incomprehensible world of Art (note the capital A on that word).  Whilst I do think I am not made of the right sort of stuff for the beard stroking "juxtaposition" using art world, I am hoping that my work will speak for itself. 

You may be wondering why I have taken this path and why now - interestingly enough it was borne of a strange mix of encouragement by others mixed with a healthy dose of the poops with one individual!

 A short while ago I met a very highly respected artist who is a friend of a friend and I had been told that this person was "lovely".  Unfortunately when I met this person, they literally looked me up and down and I was found wanting, they then sat with me and the other person for more than thirty minutes managing to not speak, nor look in my general direction (I am sure there would have been a good fart in my direction if that had been possible too, such was the lack of friendliness).  Whilst my own murrini were marched out in an effort by the host to engage us both in conversation I was left feeling like a complete non-entity.... the questions on MY WORK were asked of the host.... then host then (being positive and enthusiastic) was answering........... interestingly after this experience I did tell the host exactly what I thought of the Artist in question (rude being the most mild description I could think of) and it was suggested that the artist is good to know and can help my career and get my work into galleries........... PIGS ARSE was I ever going to let that rude bugger help me............ sorry I didn't mean to degenerate into a rant, but I would rather stay incognito for ever than owe them a favour!

I have stewed over this person and thought in a stubborn way that I would try to get my own work into a gallery.... of course being a complete fool I decided to ring two of the most well-known and posh galleries I could think of... I have sent off the pics and..... consquently have not heard back!  One lady was very helpful and explained to me I was making the mistake of thinking every man and his dog could put stuff if thier posh gallery..... (she said they get about 20 or so emails with pictures of peoples work every day asking for consideration).  I did explain that I had actually shopped in thier gallery myself on a number of occasions (buying anniversary gifts for old bosses of the truth be known) and she was much friendlier after that.....

....... STILL haven't heard, but every time I think I will give up the whole idea.... well, I make more stuff to take into other galleries some time.  I think I will just have to work my way up the ladder and maybe enter some of the big glass competitions sometime.......aaaaarrrrgh!

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  1. Ah, my sympathies for suffering such rudeness at the hands of an expert! I seem to remember this episode.....
    Keep plugging away, getting picked up by a gallery seems to be more a matter of luck and persistence as much as talent.And you have all three Nat, so it's only a matter of time.