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Monday, July 25, 2011

Making a list and.... checking it twice!

I am a chronic procrastinator... it is quite true, at least where it concerns custom orders.  I really do try not to take any of them to be honest, but ... well, they do seem to slip in.  Its usually to help out a friend or of course the dollar gets me sucked in, after all its nice to know that what you make is already sold!  But, I find personally that it totally kills my lampy mojo and I don't enjoy the process at all.

I have managed to find myself with rather a long list of "things to do" that I have carefully sidestepped around for some time.  This morning I decided to actually write them down on my whyteboard near my torch and go through them one by one in a planned approach that I could even have the satisfaction of ticking each one off.  In a slightly naughty way I wanted to work boro and soft directly into the kiln and this is how I approach this conundrum....  I wrote my boro items onto the list first off and ran my kiln at the hotter temp needed for boro.   Once I crossed the line to start working soft glass (yes there was an actual line on my list to remind me) I ramped down my kiln to the soft glass temperature and then worked through some of them.

Did I get to the end of the list you might ask.... the answer is NO, but I got more than 1/3 of the way through the list of odds and sods that I have put off.  I shall rewrite my list for tomorrow and include some of the bigger jobs (restocking murrini for Affordable has to be on top of that list I reckon) and so I shall dose up on some headache medication (I have been having headaches for over 3 weeks and a CT scan is being threatened by the doc).

I can't wait to melt glass again tomorrow and it felt really great to package up and send off a few orders that have been patiently waiting.

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