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Friday, July 1, 2011

Torn.... murrini, fancy necklaces, beads or cabs!

As you can gather I am a bit unsure of which way to melt glass right now.  I am in a boro fancy necklace sort of mood, should be making some beads for my Etsy store ( ), could be melting the dead beads into cabochons or make some more murrini.   I have made a couple more of my dongle necklaces up and they have come out great, but are getting the murrini itch back again - a good thing knowing that I need to restock for Kerry at Affordable Inspiration( ).

I did make a few beads the other day in soft glass, just keeping the hand in sort of thing, and came out with the Ugliest bead I have ever seen.  I nearly died when it came out of the kiln and I really wonder what I was thinking when I made this monstrosity.... I am thinking I might clean it out really well and slump it into a large cab.  If it is not bad enough just to be this ugly, it is criminal that it should also be one of the largest beads I have made too.  I am hoping that by cabbing it to death... melting it into a puddle in the kiln, it might come out much improved or at least interesting and usable for for someone to bead around..... I will get a pic once I can get it out of the bead graveyard (my word for the beads that didn't cut the mustard and get puddle-ised into cabs).

One of the other beads I made turned out ok, not great, but not shockingly bad either.  This was using a free frit sample of Fab Frit called Mermaids Tail ( ).  It was very nice to use, even for someone who hardly ever uses any frit at all.  I might have to change my ways and start using a bit of frit for sure now!  Its a shame her boobs are nearly as high as a set of shoulder pads and she is rather a strange shape, but the tail came out nice using Green Tea a lovely pale green with the frit.

I am still facing the same dilemma I started with though..... should I make more fancy necklaces whilst I am in the mood, make some bead stock for the Etsy store, slump some of the dead beads into cabs or .... let those little murrini sneak back in..... I think the murrini might win - they always do with me!!!

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