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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Bead Soup is in the house!!!!

Well, first off, let me apologise for not having any updates for more than a week.  I somehow managed to faint after visiting the facilities in the middle of the night and knocked myself unconscious on my bathroom floor for some time.  Apart from some mild concussion for a few days, I managed to fall with my head tucked under and have pulled the muscles down my neck, spine and shoulders..... very sore stuff!  The doc thinks my blood pressure dropped suddenly, lets hope there is no repeat of this!

Now onto my bead soup.  It ARRIVED!!!!!  and, its gorgeous.  My swap partner Niky is so very clever she sent me a sort of Peacock coloured theme in purples and it is a divine mix.
Niky even sent me some lovely english lollies called parma violets which are the yummiest violet flavour (yep, I have a "thing" for them) and I am rationing them out slowly... one a day!

I will have to try and get some more pics of the beady goodness out of the plastic bags and maybe some progression pics before the big unveil next month (without giving too much away of course), but this mix is so lovely I am sure I will make a couple of things out of it rather than squishing all that goodness into one article!

On a lampworking front I am about to go and work as Loren Stumps technical assistant again.  This time for two back to back Loren I and Loren II courses.  I am really excited about it and just hope I can be helpful to the students when they need/want it, I suppose worse case I can make sure they are all fed and watered (last year I hand fed chocolates to some of them whilst still torching.... LOL)  One of the best bits for me personally is that Loren is running an under the sea themed level 2 course, so I will see him make that gobsmackingly gorgeous complex fish murrini..... Oh yes, there shall be some secretive notes taken.... well, maybe not at all secretive, but I can't wait to see how he does it.  I have to add that Loren is an absolutely top bloke, a brilliant teacher and a real genius with what he can do with glass... an inspiring man to be about I can tell you!


  1. Oh, I"m so glad you're ok! That could have been really bad. Would love to see some "up close" pics of your bead soup, it looks like a great one. What an exciting opportunity for you to work at the classes! Have fun!

  2. Nice stash - can't wait to see what you create... and I am loving your bobbin beads... very cool!


  3. Thanks very much ladies! I am feeling much better now and I will get some better pics of the bead soup too Shirly. Thanks Karyn, those bobbins are really fun to make I can tell you!

    Nat :-)