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Monday, August 15, 2011

Introducing my bead soup blog swap partner..... Niky!!!

Yep, its my first bead soup blog swap and I have sent off my bead soup to my partner Niky of Silver Nik Naks ( ) who makes the most wonderful jewellery using chain maille and beads.

Have a squizz at some of Niky's beautiful work:

Of course this makes me worry about the lampwork I made for her, seeing as this is just gorgeous stuff, but I hope she likes the mix!!!

I have been working on some bobbin beads, lampwork beads made around a stainless steel sewing bobbin.  I popped on a bail for a pendant and here is a pic of some of the ones I made on Sunday..... bit of a bugger that I have got enamel on a couple of the bobbins (which looks quite yuk to me) and some just didn't at all turn out how I wanted them to.... but Ce La Vie (or however you spell it). Such is life!

Time to do some listing on Etsy and then get out to my torch and make some murrini for Affordable.  I made a large boro fish murrini which took about 2hrs to heat and pull on my little minor torch (I should have got my Phantom out for that one) and after all the frustration, the fish is AWFUL..... some days the kiln fairy just happens to bypass your house I suppose..... LOL


  1. I really like your perception and your ability of creating such beautiful pieces. Good job!

  2. Those beads are amazing!! Love them- Great for the steampunk style.
    thanks so much for following my blog- I am catching up to all my new followers today. Been really busy! Heather

  3. Love the idea of the bobbin beads!