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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A fishy success!!!!!

Here she is:

Thanks goodness, when I got the large diameter murrini cane out of my kiln this morning and then sliced it into nice little bite-sizes (read pulling out smaller sized) I was happy to see that it looked like a fish, indeed much like the fish it was supposed to look like!  It is by no means perfect and the body shape is not quite right and the top yellow fin was too small compared to the large tail fin and I didn't get the stripes quite right and the face..... well you get the picture!  I do still have another face came component and might go back and try again when in the mood, but for just now I will pull some of this cane down to bead sized and cut into slices for Affordable to sell for me if Kerry is happy with that.... or, I will pop them into some containers for the flame-on freebie bags..... hmmm not sure, maybe both!

Last night I decided that whilst I was waiting for the kiln to heat up to component cane temp I might as well throw a couple of boro things in there..... here are the marbles I quickly threw together.  My hubby Leo is rapidly collecting a rather nice line of mibs for on his office window sill at work and he really quite likes them.   He is quite proud of my glass stuff and gets all puffed up when a visiting person asks about them. I love that he is so supportive of my glassy endeavours, but it sounds suspiciously to me like he never grew out of that boys and marble fetish thing lots of young men have, but geeze, I like them too!  Still, if a few marbles keeps him happy and cool with my buying glass, he can have as many as he likes!!!


  1. Oh Natalie, I just love the fish!! Totally cute! And seriously, I can see why your hubs likes the marbles, I could just sit and stare at them all day! Do you sell them too?

  2. Wow, that's an awesome fish-murrini in great colours! I'm looking forward to see one of it in a bead. And your spiral-marbles are beautiful!
    Greetings, Michi

  3. I agree with Michi.For me the fish looks fantastic and the marbles, just wowwwwww!!!
    Greetings, Daniela

  4. Thanks so much everyone, I have pulled some down to bead sized and will try one on a bead in the next day or two! I have sold some of my mibs Shirley, but prefer to give these tester ones away for good Karma generally speaking.

    X X Nat

  5. I do not see anything wrong with your fish!! They look very very cute!!

  6. Those fish are awesome Nat - the yellow, black and white are so striking together.