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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Bright Butterfly in glass shards

Given that I have had a nasty sinus infection for nearly two weeks and with my husband Leo away it has been really REALLY mental around my house. Lucky for me I actually managed to get a go on the torch for a very quick session today and this is what came out..... a butterfly.
After seeing a beautiful butterfly made with what looked like a decorated shard of glass applied to a base bead I REALLY wanted to have a try at my own take on this sort of technique and this is what I came up with. The shards were made from a mixture of glass and used quite a lot of reichenbach multicolour which gives it a lovely delicate hue. I actually applied four shards of a similar size after decorating a large lentil with a sort of field of murrini flowers as a background.

Here is both the front and back of the bead - notice the monkey face signature cane on the back side ;-) More and more people want a collectable bead with my signature cane on it and even my kids look on every focal bead for where it is put!


  1. Gorgeous Nat - when I saw it on Facebook I didn't realise it was one bead lol. I love both sides of the piece - gorgeous work as always you talented lady you ♥

  2. Aren't you a clever little chook...

  3. Natalie, I just love your signature murrini - too cute!
    Oh - great bead btw!