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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Plug yer ears - its boro time!

Hmmmmm, well I have seen some really cool earplugs lately - NO, not the type that stops you from hearing, but the type that people put into those huge earlobe holes that are all the trend. I have been busting to make some nice ones with murrini in the end so here are a couple for your viewing pleasure. One has a bee murrini that I made with wings so thin you can't see them (thank god I did only one small pull of this cane) and the other one I put a little clownfish murrini inside and it looks quite good. Please excuse the fluff on the glass in the pic, I am far to lazy today (Sunday morning) to bother to take another.
I am thinking that I might send out the call to my facebook mates for a tester for these. I do need to get hold of some decent calipers so I can accurately measure the middle part before I try selling them, but I am hopefull that they should work ok. I am going to go and see a couple of the local body peircing shops to see if they would stock on commission for me too - they are a bit fiddly, but use only a small volume of glass and you get quicker the more you make too. I like that they are in boro, but I might make some soft glass ones too - mostly because I have a gozillion different murrini I have made for soft glass and would like to make more use of them.

I am thinking that I could easily make some of those earhole stretching thingo (like a long tapered cone or a long cone that is curled up). Lots of possibilities and loads of fun to be had I'd say!


  1. They are pretty funky Nat. However I don't think that they would work with the stretched lobes mainly because I think most of the plugs which are used for body mod are a bit thinner in width so not 100% sure if those would stay in the ear properly. I'm not an expert on hole stretching just from what I have seen and read on one of the piercing forums I am on. I think the cones would work pretty good though.

    Oh also you can get things call "O" rings which are used for plugs and sometimes cones to hold the jewellery in place, especially if it is one size all over and doesn't have a lip or something to stop it moving.

  2. They look great Nat - my hubby would be happy to be a tester! He has stretched lobes and he'll let you know what they are like :) You need to make some skull murrini - they would go like hotcakes in the piercing and tattoo shops..


  3. That sounds great Kath, as soon as my calipers arrive I will pm you via the forum to find out the diameter he wears. I have got both black and white skull murrini made but they are in soft glass. I will have to get my finger out!