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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hollow Hollow......blown beads

After doing a course with Anne Londez (who was a wonderful teacher) I have been trying to practice my blown hollow beads - something I have always been very dodgy at!

One of the ladies on the course (Jo) was saying how lovely it is to have large glass beads strung together that when hollow aren't too heavy. I really hate how some of the necklaces I have made with my lampwork have felt quite heavy and give me a bit of a sore neck (probably predominantly psychological - not the usual PPP) Therefore I have been Practicing some hollow blown beads on my new Carlo Dona blowpipe (thanks to Anne for bringing them over from Europe) in between other "stuff". I have used all different types of soft 104coe glass in these and thought I might string the blue-toned ones together into a necklace for Mum........ I think she would really like having a light necklace even if it is a bit chunky!
I owe a lovely lady on beadingforum a few horse head beads too, so I will be getting my finger out to get them done. I really HATE it when I proscrastinate and owe someone something, it plays on my mind constantly, but yet I seem to have a talent for managing to put it off........

1 comment:

  1. These are sooo nice Nat - how big are they? I think I can see a custom order in the near future!! I love them!