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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Idea in the middle of the night

Hmmm, well I had one of those "idea's in the night" that, even though you are dead tired and half asleep, you are too scared to forget and therefore stay on the cusp of wakefullness mulling it over. Normally I keep a notebook by the bed to write it down so I can then relax and sleep knowing I won't forget, but not last night. It was hot and muggy as well, so there's my excuse (a weak one though).

With all the stuff in the media about the chinese new year, I thought I might download some really bright pics of chinese dragons (those ones that the people all fit under and the legs hang out), then make a set of beads that when strung on a necklace will have the bright dragons head and then lots of "bits" of the dragons body that will sort of articulate a bit behind it. Its a great plan, and I am going out to the torch later today to see how I go with it, it should be interesting. The difficult thing might be getting the head of the dragon to sit nicely, I don't mind if the other bits spin around and sit upside down, but I really would like the head to sit flat. Not sure about how to tackle this one, I will probably make a prototype first just to get the patternation and colouration onto the features........... fun!!!!!!

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