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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A horse of course!

Yup, I've been making some horseheads again. I have worked very hard to improve these and even though each one is unique (sometimes in a dodgy way) I seem to have a really good one I am happy with come out about 25% of the time.

A very lovely lady from the Aussie beadingforum who is into horses asked me if I could make a few up, so here is one of them. There is lots of fluff on the pic, but you get the general idea. My early horse heads were much more trojan and stylised looking, but these latest version are more true to life. I had to really study some photos of local horses to see where the muscles of the neck actually lay!

The really funny thing about the horse beads is that whilst I enjoy making horse beads I actually rather dislike horses in real life. This dislike was courtesy of looking after my friends horses for her after she was out of hospital and I managed to get bitten, kicked and thrown about before I realised I was feeding them in the wrong order.

One extra nice thing to add is that I was part of a glass swap on Aussie beadinforum with lampwork and glass slumping to make something to the theme of Seaside. There are some lovely work as you can see below. It is great to see how everyone can take a different theme and make something unique with it

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