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Monday, February 15, 2010

Practicing splash beads - Anne Londez style

After participating in the Anne Londez workshop held at Goglass in Sydney a bit over a week ago, I thought I should make an attempt at one of the techniques she taught us, her signature splash bead. Unfortunately for me, mine looked more like a splash you would get in a toilet bowl rather than a lovely splash of clear water Anne made, but I suppose its a start. I did at least remember to do the hot seals properly and I had no trouble with reheating the blown bubble to apply to the bead, so that is some headway on this technique. Needless to asy if you look at the pic, I really was bodgy at pulling out the actual splash, I am a quick and dirty girl most of the time, but this is one of those things I really should have spent some time to sort it out. I suppose this was a case of just seeing if I could remember how the process worked rather than perfecting the technique..... Anne was VERY fussy with her and so exacting I am sure if she saw my effort she would want to slap me in the back of the head a few times!!!!!

I made a second effort which was slightly better, but applied the splash component onto a spotty doughnut bead. I had to sort of squish the top part of the splash so that I can put it nicely onto a sliver bail, but generally I was quite happy with the result!

Excuse the bead release still on the pic!

I am still thinking that this technique might be very good for quite a few applications, one of which could be a way to put a halo onto an angel or for use as a marble stand!

Anyone thinking of doing some training should take the opportunity to learn with Anne, she was really excellent and spent a lot of time with each of us to perfect our techniques. Goglass as a studio was a gorgeous setting with Gail who owns it being one of the loveliest most generous ladies I have met in a long while!

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